“Through use of the small drip irrigation [from IGATT] I've been able to produce more from my land, making it easier for me to feed my family while also spending less money on food."


Sita Regmi, 33

Farmer, User of IGATT Kitchen Garden,

 Kapilvastu District, Nepal


Built irrigation enterprise businesses for women

  • Global Partnerships for Food Security
  • Technology Development & Transfer
  • Entrepreneurial Education & Research 
  • Climate Smart Adaptation Consulting
  • Agricultural Business Development
  • Water and  Irrigation Management

We provide education, consultation, and innovative technology transfer to  create and support sustainable small farm enterprises around the globe. 

We want the world to live, grow and prosper in a better way. Our work builds communities around sustainable agriculture, water  and food innovation to provide a better and healthier lifestyle that protects, preserves, and sustains our only living planet.              

Our Mission

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“After learning how to use small drip irrigation [through IGATT], I've begun my own forage resource center to teach other farmers how to save water and grow more.”


Tek Bahadur Darlami, 76

Farmer, Entrepreneur, 

Syangia District, Nepal

Our Vision


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The Lives We Impact


Affordable access to multidisciplinary adaptive technology

We create interdisciplinary partnerships for hands-on learning, technology transfer,  and enterprise development to advance sustainable agriculture, water, and energy through research, education and innovation.



Trilateral Water Project to ease strain on natural resources