Development Lab Technology Transfer

We focus on approaches that reduce climate change's impact on food production & security.

Our Services

Global Partnerships for Food Security and eliminating hunger

We develop & promote appropriate technologies to reduce agricultural losses and add value to products. 

Entrepreneurial Education and Research

Our team specializes in water management so we can help farmers best use and conserve this important resource. 

IGATT works with small farmers to build their business & market access for lasting gains in production & profit. ​

We provide an educational & collaborative space for innovators & entrepreneurs to find new solutions to ​global problems. 

Agriculture Enterprise Development

Climate-Smart  Technology Adaptation

At the Institute for Global Agriculture and Technology Transfer (IGATT), we create impact for local and global stakeholders by developing multi-disciplinary partnerships, fostering innovation and promoting entrepreneurship for sustainable agriculture through experiential learning, consultation, and technology transfer. 

Water Efficiency, Irrigation and Sustainability

We match key stakeholders with farmers & agricultural communities in need  to create lasting change.