Our projects focus on introducing appropriate technologies and system-based solutions to build resilient and sustainable food systems. Using local, tailor-made approaches, we work directly with farmers, policymakers and researchers in Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and the United States to create effective and lasting agricultural adaptation. Our global development approach can be applied to a multitude of technologies, management practices, and locations. Contact Us to learn more or Donate Below to become a part of IGATT's mission to feed the world. 

We collaborate with a multitude of organizations in India to increase food security. Learn more. 

Our Projects

In the U.S. we've hosted international scholar exchanges and sustainable food systems modeling. Learn more

In Nepal, we work with our partners to study and combat the affects of climate change. Learn more. 

We broadened our water management and irrigation efforts to Pakistan. Learn more. 

Our Afghanistan projects focus on water management, irrigation, and market development. Learn More. 

Contact Us to learn more about our current projects or starting a new project in your area. Donate to help us help others.