Figure 2. Our partnerships have brought a variety of sustainable technologies to improve food production in India. (Photo credit: Megan Dietz) 

Figure 1. Our demonstration farms help farmers learn how to grow more to feed their families. (Photo credit: Megan Dietz) 


IGATT is also collaborating with the Center for Agriculture Technology Assessment and Transfer (CATAT) of the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) in New Dehli to further promote appropriate technology transfer and closely network with the Indo-Israel research and demonstration project and Farmer producer groups (FPGs).

IGATT Founder Dr. Jha has been involved in setting up demonstration farms comprised of open field, drip and furrow irrigation systems, tunnels, insect net houses, naturally ventilated greenhouses, and hi-tech nurseries. Installed centrally in New Dehli, these farms expose farmers from all over India to new technologies for sustainable growth and development.

Cultivation of vegetables has been started in these demonstration farms with a diversity of technologies for local farmers to explore and adapt. By providing a variety to choose from, each visiting farmer can choose the technology that best suits their farm, resources, and capabilities to ensure lasting, sustainable benefits in agricultural production, food security, and poverty alleviation. 

IGATT is also building agriculture innovation platform in India as a multi-disciplinary center to support agriculture development projects in South Asia and Eastern Asia.

In India, IGATT collaborated with the Institute of Food, Energy, and Water Security (IFEWS) at the Gulbarga University on Karnataka, India to develop demonstration and technology transfer farms alongside novel classroom curriculum for the benefit of Karnataka communities. 

To create impact in the Southern region of India, we are creating affordable access to multidisciplinary science and technology education in human nutrition, renewable energy, and water conservation. To advance and promote such education, research and outreach we have created a multidisciplinary incubator lab for appropriate technology transfer in the area to teach researchers, extension agents, and farmers.