Millions of people suffer and die every year due to malnutrition, food insecurity, and poverty.

Help us change that.

Increasing water and land scarcity, climate change, and growing populations have made it harder than ever to feed the world. As agricultural problems continue to grow, rural communities in developing countries are struggling to adapt. Often reliant on conventional and wasteful agricultural practices, many developing farmers use more inputs to produce less food, trapping them in a cycle of food insecurity and poverty. Sustainable agricultural knowledge and technology needs to get to those who need it. IGATT is working to do just that. 



Founded: 2006

Owner: Ajay Jha, PhD

Areas of expertise: 
Multi-disciplinary partnerships, innovation, and entrepreneurship in sustainable agriculture. 

Recent Projects

Company Profile

What We’re Doing

Trilateral Water Project in Afghanistan and Pakistan
We worked across three countries to identify key focus areas for building regional partnerships and infrastructure for the efficient use and conservation of water. 

Built Sustainable Demonstration Farms in India
We created a variety of farms demonstrating innovative furrowing, irrigation, and horticultural approaches to increasing food security amid climate change.

Started Women-Run Agricultural Enterprises in Nepal
Through appropriate drip-irrigation technology transfer, we taught women small holders how to build a business by selling and promoting water-saving technology. 

Cashmere Enterprise Project in Afghanistan
IGATT built a sustainable, replicable, and scalable enterprise with cashmere sheep farmers through a multidisciplinary and enterprise-driven approach.